• Bhim Subedi (Youth Affairs Coordinator)

  • Bhakta Gurung (Sports Coordinator)

  • Jiten Gurung (Sports Coordinator)

  • Suraj Nepal(FUTSAL Coordinator)

  • Tek Nepal

  • Alex Walsh

  • Ram Baniya

  • Bhumeswori Gurung

  • Kamala Pradhan

  • Man B Khadka

  • Charan Dahal

  • Tek Mishra

  • Vince DeStefano

  • Indra M Ghimire

  • Chandra Giri Rai

  • Ambika Wagle

  • Bhagawati Ghimire

  • Chitra S.Gurung

  • Ashmita Gurung

  • Tory Blakes

  • Sandhya Adhikari

  • Bhagat Phuyel

  • Harka Bista

  • Om Prakash Dhungana

  • Om Timsina(Manav)

  • Yadhu Dhital

  • Hema Neopaney

  • Hem Mishra

  • Ali Carpenter

  • Krishna Bhandari

  • Kesar Jung

  • Madhu Phuyel

  • Susan Dawkins

  • Bhanu Acharya

  • Devi Ghising

  • Kamal Mainali

  • Madhu Phuyel

  • Purna Tamang

  • Narayan Phuyel

  • Tek Timsina

  • Narad Phuyel

  • Dhan M Dhungana Rai

  • Meena Gurung Dulal

  • Meena Gurung

  • Bhim Gurung

  1. Narhari Pokhrel

  • Kushal Kharel

  • Shishir Timsina

  • Ashok Kadariya

  • Kamal Mainali

  • Sushma Bista

Tek Mishra

Volunteer Coordinator

INTRODUCETION Tek Mishra is volunteer coordinator for Bhutanese Community Association of Pittsburgh(BCAP). He has been volunteering to serve the community in various ways in need soon after moving to Pittsburgh from California. He has Bachelor Degree spec

Tek Nepal


Introduction From 1992 to 2008, Mr. Nepal served as a teacher both inside and outside the camps. Mr. Nepal received a bachelor degree in English (BA). He is now an international interpreter (Echo international) as well as a Pharmacy Technician at UPMC, M

The Bhutanese Community Association of Pittsburgh
Volunteer Application Form

Tel. No. Home
1. What is the best way to contact you? Circle one.
  •  Email
  •  Phone
  •  or Both
2. Where did you hear about our organization?
  •  In the media Volunteer Website (such as volunteermatch.com)
  •  Word of mouth
  •  At a talk or a recruitment fair
  •  Myself being a community member
  •  Other ?(please specify)
3. Age Group(Circle one)
  •  Under 18
  •  18-24
  •  25-39
  •  40-55
  •  55 +
Why do you want to volunteer with us?
What kind of voluntary work would you like to do? Such as religious, cultural, or other events.
Please list any skills/qualities you have which might be useful in our organization?
Please tell us when you would be available to volunteer.
Is there anything else you wish to tell us about yourself? Such as your interests and your recommendation for us.
Thank you for completing this application form. Please sign below and return it to the Volunteer Coordinator.