Teez Women festival to be celebrate 2017

Bhutanese Community Association of Pittsburgh is organizing Teez Women festival during the Teez week at Saint Anne School at Castle Shannon. The event is for everyone who are interested. There will be free dance, so whoever wants to bring their talent to


Who We Are ?

Who We Are (Compiled by Tek Rimal from different resources including excerpts from his own directory) The Bhutanese refugees are the former citizens of Bhutan. They were called  Lhotshampas (“southerners”), a group of people of Nepalese or

Phipps Conservatory & Library Tour

 Seniors tour was organized by Carnegie Library in coordination with Life Span and BCAP on Monday, November 30th. 26 people from Bhutanese community participated in the tour including volunteers, interpreters and staff from life Span and Library. We vis

Tour to Marburger Farm

Seniors and ELCE students enjoyed a one day tour on October 14th, 2015 to a dairy farm, Marburger Farm. It’s located at 1506 Mars-Evans City Road, Evans City, PA 16033. The tour was facilitated by Carnegie Library and Life Span in Coordination wit

Eastern Volleyball Cup 2015

  Bhutanese Youth of Pittsburgh organized the event “Eastern Volleyball Cup” in coordination with Bhutanese Community Association of Pittsburgh (BCAP) at 600 Iron City Drive, Pittsburgh PA 15205. On the weekend of November 7, 2015, eight teams fr


Teej Celebration 2015

Women’s day (Empowering Women) Women’s day – Teej (Empowering Women) Teej is the most popular festival of Hindu-Nepali women celebrated for abiding happy married life. A typical Teej is when a wife fasts a day for a long life of her husband. 

BCAP Election 2015 completed

Today, the June 27th, BCAP held its 2nd General Election at DHS-Building, Pittsburgh Downtown. Mr. Rup Pokharel is unanimously elected as BCAP President for the term of 4 years. He has been serving as the officiating President after the resignation of for


The Hilltop Community Day event 2015

The Hilltop Community Day event occurred on Saturday the May 30th  from 1:00 – 4:00pm at Hays and Brownsville Rd. The Hilltop Community day is held once a year at Mt Oliver and it is organized by the people of the Hilltop community. This year, the weat