The first women leadership training was held at BCAP office on Feb 6th 2016 from 2-4 PM. The training was part of the Jefferson Regional Foundation program to develop leadership skills among the under-served population in the community and use that leadership skill to educate the women about better health decisions in their lives as well as acquaint them with opportunities that exist locally to promote more women’s participation in health care sector.

The primary objective of the first leadership training was to assess BCAP’s own capacity to manage such trainings internally and also to keep the momentum going before we have more professional training in place. The training attended by 23 women volunteers were facilitated by our own leaders. The secondary objective was to make the group familiar with BCAP’s programs, history and mission so that the group is ready to handle the responsibilities when called upon to do so.

The survey done at the end of the training proves that women are enthusiastic about leadership training and understood the cultural context of women leadership in resolving many issues that men are not fully suitable to handle them in our community.



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