As the event happened this Saturday, 19th of March, 2016, Bhutanese Girls Empowerment Workshop organized by BCAP was very successful. The soul of the workshop as presented by our presenters Bishnu Timsina, and Marina Duane was leadership development in girls of Bhutanese community.

The workshop venue was at DHS Building, 1 Smithfield St, Pittsburgh, PA 15222. The workshop started at 9 am and was concluded by 3 PM. Ms. Timsina focused on empowering the girls about the importance of further education and being a leader in the community, while Ms. Duane centralized her portion of the workshop on critical thinking and being able to identify their inner self.

19 girls attended the workshop. Lunch and refreshments were provided by BCAP for all the participants. Transportation was also provided by BCAP’s volunteer for the participants with transportation need.

Needless to say, there is a lack of women leaders in our community. BCAP believes that our girls if trained properly can be great leaders. Making these kind of workshops available to our girls attending High school and college, BCAP hopes to abolish the stereotypes that our community has about women.

BCAP would like to thank Ms. Timsina and Ms. Duane for their valuable time and commitment. BCAP would also like to thank all the BCAP volunteers for everything they do to make the future of our community brighter.




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